Friday, December 6, 2013

The Journey

The title of my blog was inspired by one of my best friends Katie Turner. I truly believe people come into your life for so many reasons and if you open your heart and eyes, you can see all the blessings and love people have to give. This phrase is something I say to myself each morning as I start my day.

"What can I do today, to create a life I love?" 
"Today I am creating the life I love"!! 

It took me a long time to figure out what this phrase means for me and each day I discover something new about myself.  This journey to discovery will never end and I am enjoying every step that takes me towards total CLARITY.

This journey started after a 4 year recovery from an eating disorder. This horrible disease/addiction, starting in the 3rd grade and ended my freshmen year of college when I took the first step towards recovery. This addiction played a toll on my body and good health. What I have learned today through this journey is that IT DOESN'T HAVE TO LAST FOREVER. I've been trying to find a cure to full recovery of health and here 8 years later it's finally getting where I want it to be. I know it's an everyday decision to follow and to fight for and the same goes to happiness. Happiness is something we choose to live for each day. 

My first step: was recovery! FULL RECOVERY, which taught me how to be MENTALLY STRONG, to change the way I thought, spoke to myself, and treated my God given gift. That I AM WORTH something greater than GOLD. On average it takes 7 years to full recovery and I don't think I could have done it without the help of so many friends and family and of course my Savior. Living in such a black hole isn't a way to live and recovery from any addiction is all the same!! It's hard, it sucks, BUT I CAN DO IT! YOU HAVE TO WANT IT, FIGHT FOR IT, take the baby steps each day and ENDURE to the end. It wasn't easy but I DID IT!!!! Here I learned this battle and something I can never replace. This trial has been a gift and something I would never take back. I AM A FIGHTER.

Second Step: living with Celiac Disease. At 21 years old I discovered I have Celiac Disease. At first I was devastated, went through the 5 stages of morning, but today I see it as one of the greatest blessings that every happened to me. Being gluten free has taught me a lot about STRENGTH, ENDURANCE, DISCIPLINE, and WILL POWER. Things in myself I thought I could never control after being so out of control with my addiction. It's ended chronic hives, inflammation in my colon (which I have already had 7 inches removed), a major surgery, it's stopped horrible stomach aches I've had for so many years, has given my mind it's clarity back, and has taught me the skill and love of cooking. 

My mother was my angel in this journey. Her optimism, encouragement, and openness to new doors I didn't dare look into. She went above and beyond to read articles, attend cooking classes at local super markets, watch cooking shows, buy me several cook books, make me smile and feel less alone in this whole new world. She taught me to see this as a challenge, a blessing, and a new adventure. I am grateful to have such an optimistic mother who can follow any recipe and has brought me so much HOPE. 

This also brought me closer to a whole network of people, one friend in particular who has forever changed my desire and love of food and a whole new way of cooking. Melissa Arias went out of her way to teach me secret recipes and cook with me every week. When I first met her I thought she was strange. She emailed me saying "your gluten free, well me too, lets be friends." BOLD, yes weird, but she became a whole new angel in my life. She hasn't just blessed me in this new world of mine but in many others. She is one of the most talented, positive, and loving people I know. She was exactly what I prayed for in a less happy time in my life.

Third Step: Becoming a health coach, a motivator, and now being able to give what I've learned in my journey to others. I don't see it as work or a way to earn a living. I see it as a way to change someones life, to not live with chronic pain, and to never be alone again. Being a mom is lonely enough at times and finding something I love, can help others, and keep me on my feet is just amazing. I get to learn from the best. Westin side of the family his mom, dearest aunt and cousin Shantelle, which is giving me a network of support, love, and motivation. This is teaching me that I can do anything that I set my mind too!

I can look fear in the face and go over that edge!
I can get out of my comfort zone! 

These things bring me joy each and everyday. The journey started a few weeks ago, its NEW and its why I started this BLOG! 

I CAN HELP CHANGE PEOPLES LIVES and help people feel the happiness I now feel. FREE from chronic pain. There is a place in this program for all sizes and shapes. I get to help people love there bodies and love themselves. It doesn't get much better then this!

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